Under Solar and Electric Water Heaters in the Yellow Pages, numerous manufacturers and distributors are listed. However, choosing the right solar and electric water heater need not be a major problem. You can make a purchase that will put your mind at ease and will provide you with more rust-free hot water, for years.
Nimrod is Israel's leading manufacturer of solar and electric water heaters. We are the only Israeli company in the field that manufacturers
all of the components - tank, collectors and pipes - under one roof. Furthermore, Nimrod's products are supervised by the Standards Institution of Israel, as well as the Standard Institutes of Spain and Australia.

Nimrod's production facility has been specializing in manufacturing and servicing solar and electric water heaters for over 51 years. Careful attention to the quality of product components and reliable, professional service are the hallmarks of the family who founded this company and who continues to manage it with painstaking concern for both their products and their customers.

Our company's production facilities in Rishon Le-Zion and Bat Yam spread over 5,000 square meters. Nimrod's distribution centers in the Greater Tel Aviv area, Haifa and Jerusalem, as well as the company's more than 400 licensed distributors throughout Israel, guarantee speedy supply and top-notch professional service to customers across Israel.

Nimrod operates six major departments: R&D, production, quality control, national sales, service, and exports. Nimrod's owners, executives and employees make every possible effort to ensure that customers receive the finest water heaters available - a water heater that will serve them loyally for years, without any malfunctions and without any complaints such as "Hey, how come there's no more hot water?!".

Nimrod's clientele includes: Israel Military Industries, Israel Aircraft Industries, Ministry of Defense, Israel's leading construction contractors, major companies, and hundreds of thousands of private customers.

Nimrod's production facility manufactures solar and electric water
heaters as well as water heaters with heat exchangers.
Nimrod's water heaters come in a variety of sizes, from 30 to 300 liters, and can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position or suspended in the air. We also manufacture a wide range of collectors, including
the high quality Collector series.

Nimrod's weather-resistant superior quality water heaters and collectors are designed to ensure a steady supply of hot water throughout the entire day, during all seasons of the year. In addition, Nimrod's products are
cost effective, saving both electricity and maintenance costs.

The secret of their success can be attributed to Nimrod's use of the best components and most advanced production technologies available. Our R&D department keeps updated on the latest innovations in the field and on original ideas developed right here in Israel. Through this dual approach, Nimrod has succeeded in coming out with products suited to Israel's unique weather conditions.